65 skillful answers to job interviews.

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Would you please introduce yourself?

Answer hint: it is too common for most people to answer this question, saying only their name, age, hobbies and work experience, all of which are on their resumes. In fact, what enterprises most want to know is whether job seekers are qualified for the job, including: the strongest skills, the most in-depth areas of knowledge, the most positive parts of personality, the most successful things they have done, major achievements, etc., all of which can have nothing to do with learning, but can also be related to learning, but to highlight a positive personality and the ability to do things, it is reasonable for enterprises to believe. Enterprises attach great importance to a person’s politeness. Job seekers should respect the examiner and say “thank you” after answering every question. Companies like polite job seekers.

2. What do you think is the greatest advantage of your personality?

Answer hints: calm, well-organized, firm, tenacious, helpful and caring, adaptable and humorous, optimistic and friendly.

3. What is your biggest weakness?

Answer hint: enterprises are very likely to ask this question, and usually do not want to hear the shortcomings of the direct answer, and so on. If job seekers say that they are narrow-minded, jealous, very lazy, bad-tempered, and inefficient, the company will definitely not hire you. Never be smart enough to answer, “my biggest weakness is that I pursue perfection too much.” some people think that such an answer will make them look better, but in fact, he is already in jeopardy. Enterprises like job seekers to start with their own advantages, add some small shortcomings in the middle, and finally turn the problem back to the advantages, highlighting the advantages of the part, enterprises like smart job seekers.

4. You didn’t graduate from a famous university?

Answer hint: it doesn’t matter whether you graduated from a famous university or not, the important thing is to be able to complete the work you gave me. Although I graduated from an ordinary university, the skills I mastered are fully qualified for your current job, and I am more practical than the fresh graduates of some famous universities. I think I am more suitable for this position in your company.

And in fact, it is not a famous school that is liked by enterprises, it is more what you learn in school.

5. What do you think of overtime?

Answer hint: in fact, many companies ask this question, does not prove that you have to work overtime, and just want to test whether you are willing to contribute to the company.

Answer sample: If it is necessary, I am duty-bound to work overtime, and I don’t mind to devote myself to work. But at the same time, I will also improve my work efficiency and reduce unnecessary overtime.

6. What is your salary requirement?

Answer hint: if your salary requirements are too low, it obviously belittles your ability; if your salary requirements are too high, it will appear that you carry too much weight and the company cannot afford it. Some employers usually set a budget in advance for the position they are looking for, so the price they offer for the first time is often the highest price they can offer. they ask you if you just want to confirm whether the money is enough to arouse your interest in the job.

Answer sample 1: I have no rigid requirement for salary. I believe your company will be friendly and reasonable in dealing with my problems. I focus on finding the right job opportunities, so as long as the conditions are fair, I will not care too much.

Answer sample 2: I have been trained in systematic software programming, and I do not need a lot of training, and I am particularly interested in programming. Therefore, I hope the company can give me a reasonable salary according to my situation and the level of market standards.

Answer sample 3: if you have to say the specific number yourself, please do not say a broad range, then you will only get a minimum number. It is best to give a specific figure to show that you have done a survey of today’s job market and know the value of employees with a degree like yourself.

7. What is your career plan in five years’ time?

Answer hint: this is a question that every candidate does not want to be asked, but almost everyone will be asked, and the more common answer is “manager”. But in recent years, many companies have established specialized technical approaches. These job positions are often referred to as “consultants”, “consulting technicians” or “senior software engineers”, and so on. Of course, it’s okay to name other positions you’re interested in, such as product sales manager, production manager, and other jobs that have a background related to your major. You know, examiners always like enterprising candidates, and if you say “I don’t know” at this time, it may make you lose a good opportunity. The most common answer should be “I am ready to make a difference in the field of technology” or “I hope to follow the management thinking of the company”.

8. What do your friends think of you?

Answer hint: want to know your personality and get along with others from the side.

Answer sample 1: all my friends say that I am a reliable person. Because, once I promise what others do, I will do it. If I can’t do it, I won’t make a promise easily.

Answer sample 2: I think I am an easygoing person who can get along well with different people. When I get along with others, I can always think from the point of view of others.

9. Do you have any more questions to ask?

Answer hint: this question of the enterprise seems to be dispensable, but it is actually very crucial. Enterprises do not like people who say “no problem” because they attach great importance to the personality and innovative ability of their employees. Companies do not like job seekers to ask questions such as personal benefits, if someone asks: is there any training program for new employees in your company, can I participate? Or what is the promotion mechanism of your company? Enterprises will be very welcome, because it reflects your enthusiasm for learning and loyalty to the company, as well as your ambition.

10. If you are hired by our company through this interview, but find that you are not suitable for the position after working for a period of time, what will you do?

Answer hint: for a period of time, I found that the job is not suitable for me, there are two situations: 1 if you really love this profession, then you should continue to learn, humbly learn business knowledge and experience from leaders and colleagues, understand the spiritual connotation and professional requirements of this profession, and strive to reduce the gap. 2 if you think this career is optional, you’d better change your career as soon as possible and find a career that suits you and what you love, so that your future will be bigger, and it will be good for both the unit and the individual.

11. When completing a task, you think that the way required by the leader is not the best. You have a better way. What should you do?

Answer hint: 1. In principle, I will respect and obey the work arrangement of the leader, and at the same time, I will find the opportunity to politely express my ideas in a consulting tone to see if the leader can change his mind. If the leader does not adopt my suggestion, I will also finish the work seriously according to the requirements of the leader. 3. In another case, if the way required by the leader violates the principle, I will firmly put forward my opposition, and if the leader is still stubborn, I will not hesitate to reflect it to the superior leader again.

12. What do you think you should do if you make mistakes in your work and cause economic losses to our company?

Answer hint: 1 my original intention is to work hard for the company, if it causes economic losses, I think the first problem is to find ways to make up for or recover the economic losses. If I do not have the ability to be responsible, I hope the unit can help solve the problem. 2 distinguish responsibilities, each take their own responsibilities, if it is my responsibility, I am willing to be punished; if it is a team I am responsible for the mistakes of others, can not gloat, as a team, need to help each other to complete the work, comfort colleagues and help colleagues to find reasons and sum up experience. 3 to sum up experiences and lessons, it is impossible not to make mistakes in one’s life. The important thing is to learn lessons from one’s own or others’ mistakes and avoid similar mistakes in future work. Review their own working methods and analyze whether the depth and intensity of the problems are not enough, resulting in mistakes that could have been avoided.

13. If a job you do is praised by your superior, but your supervisor says he did it, what should you do?

Answer hint: first of all, I will not ask the superior leader to explain this matter, I will take the initiative to communicate with my supervisor, because communication is the best way to solve the interpersonal relationship, but there will be two kinds of results: 1 my supervisor is aware of his mistake. I think I will decide whether to forgive him or not according to the specific situation. If he threatens me even more, I will not hesitate to report it to my superior, because it will have a negative impact on his work in the future.

14. What do you think of job-hopping?

Answer hints: 1 normal “job-hopping” can promote the rational flow of talents and should be supported. (2) Frequent job-hopping is disadvantageous to both units and individuals and should be opposed.

15. It is difficult for you to get along with your colleagues and superiors at work. What should you do?

Answer hint: 1 I will obey the command of the leader and cooperate with the work of my colleagues. 2 I will find the reason from myself, carefully analyze whether my work is not good enough to make the leader dissatisfied, colleagues do not like it. We also need to see if I have not done a good job in dealing with the world. If so, I will try my best to correct it. 3 if I can’t find the reason, I will find an opportunity to communicate with them, ask them to point out my shortcomings, and correct any problems in time. As an excellent employee, we should always give priority to the overall situation. Even if the leaders and colleagues do not understand me for a period of time, I will do my job and learn from them modestly. I believe that they will see me working hard and smile at me one day.

16. Suppose you work in a certain unit, and your achievements are outstanding and affirmed by the leadership. But at the same time, you find that your colleagues are more and more isolated from you. What do you think of this problem? What are you going to do?

Answer hint: 1 the achievement is more outstanding, get the affirmation of the leader is a good thing, work harder in the future. 2 review whether you are more enthusiastic about your work than your colleagues, and strengthen the communication and common interests among your colleagues. (3) At work, do not hurt other people’s self-esteem. 4. Do not stir up trouble.

17. Have you attended a training course recently? Talk about the content of the training course. Is it funded by the company or at your own expense?

Answer hint: attend at your own expense, which is the training course of Peking University Bluebird (you can talk more about the skills you have learned).

How much do you know about our company?

Answer hint: check the company’s main business online before going to the company for an interview. For example, your company intends to change its strategy and strengthen its OEM cooperation with large foreign companies, while its own brand is through overseas distributors.

19. Please state your motivation for choosing this job.

Answer hint: this is to know the interviewer’s enthusiasm and understanding of the job, and to screen those who take the test on a whim. If they are inexperienced, they can emphasize that “even if they have different jobs, they hope to have the opportunity to give full play to their previous experience.”

20. What is your best technical direction?

Answer hint: it won’t hurt to show your enthusiasm by taking courses related to the position you are applying for.

21. What can you bring to our company?

Answer hint: 1 if you can, try to tell them that you can reduce their fees-“I have received professional training in Peking University Bluebird for nearly two years, and I can take up a job immediately.” 2 enterprises want to know what future employees can do for the enterprise, job seekers should repeat their advantages again, and then say: “as far as my ability is concerned, I can be an excellent employee to give full play to their abilities in the organization.” bring high efficiency and more benefits to the organization. Companies like job seekers to show their abilities on the positions they are applying for, such as applying for positions such as marketing. “I can develop a large number of new customers, and at the same time, I can provide more comprehensive and thoughtful services to old customers.” develop the new needs and consumption of old customers. “

22. What are the three words that can best summarize yourself?

Answer hint: the three words I often use are: strong adaptability, a sense of responsibility and always doing things. Explain to the examiner with specific examples.

23. What are your hobbies?

Answer hint: find someone who is full of team spirit. Here is a true story: someone was rejected because his hobby is deep-sea diving. The examiner said: because this is an one-man activity, I am not sure whether he can adapt to group work.

24. Give me a score as an interviewee?

Answer hint: try to list four advantages and one very small disadvantage (you can complain about the facility, no one will mind if you don’t identify the shortcomings of the person responsible).

25. How do you understand the position you are applying for?

Answer hint: explain the job responsibilities and tasks and work attitude.

26. What do you like about this job?

Answer hint: I believe that in fact, everyone must have the answer! Each person’s values are different, the natural judgment criteria will be different, however, when answering this question of the interviewer, you cannot speak out your own psychology too directly, especially the question of salary. However, some innocuous answers are good considerations, such as convenient transportation, the nature and content of the work can quite meet their own interests, and so on. However, if I can think carefully about the difference of this job at this time, I believe it will greatly increase the score in the interview.

27. Why do you want to leave?

Answer tips: 1 you must be careful when answering this question, even if you are aggrieved in your previous job, do not show how many complaints you have against the company, especially avoid criticism of the company’s own supervisors and avoid the negative emotions and impressions of the interviewer. It is suggested that the best answer at this time is to blame yourself for the problem, such as feeling that there is no room for learning in your job, that you want to learn more in the industry in which you are interviewing for a job, or that your previous job is inconsistent with your career plan, and so on. The answer had better be positive. I hope to get a better job. If the opportunity comes, I will seize it. I think my current job has reached its peak, that is, there is no opportunity for promotion.

28. What do you think of the development trend of industry and technology?

Answer hint: enterprises are very interested in this issue, only prepared job seekers can pass. Job seekers can directly look up information about the industry sector you are applying for online, and only with in-depth understanding can they produce unique insights. Enterprises think that the smartest job seekers know a lot about the company they are interviewing in advance, including the development of various departments of the company, and they can mention what they know when answering questions in the interview. The people who are welcome to enter the enterprise are “bosom friends”, not “blind people”.

29. What are the expectations and goals for the job?

Answer hint: this is a question that interviewers use to judge whether job seekers have a certain degree of expectations of themselves and whether they know about the job. People who have definite learning goals for work usually learn faster, and it is naturally easier to enter the situation for a new job. At this time, it is suggested that you had better find a definite answer according to the nature of the job. For example, the job of a salesman can answer like this: “my goal is to become a super salesman and sell the company’s products widely to achieve the best results.” In order to achieve this goal, I will certainly study hard, and I believe that with my serious and responsible attitude, I will be able to achieve this goal. “Other types of work can also be answered in this way, as long as you make a slight change in the goal.

30. Your family?

Answer hint: asking family questions during corporate interviews is not to know about the family situation of job seekers, to explore privacy, companies do not like to explore personal privacy, but to understand the shaping and impact of family background on job seekers. The focus that companies want to hear is also on the positive impact of families on job seekers. What the enterprise likes to hear most is: I love my family very much, my family has always been very harmonious, although my father and mother are ordinary people, but since childhood, I have seen that my father gets up early in the morning and works very hard every day. His actions virtually cultivated my serious and responsible attitude and hard-working spirit. My mother is kind, warm and helpful, so she is very popular at work, and her words and deeds have been teaching me the truth of being a man. Enterprises believe that a harmonious family relationship has an imperceptible influence on a person’s growth.

31. What do you think you lack for the position you are applying for?

Answer hint: companies like to ask job seekers about their weaknesses, but shrewd job seekers generally don’t answer directly. They want to see job seekers who continue to repeat their strengths and then say, “For this position and my ability, I believe I can do it, but I lack experience. I think I can solve this problem in the shortest time after I enter the company. I am very capable of learning. I believe I can quickly integrate into the company’s corporate culture and enter the working state.” Companies like job seekers who can skillfully avoid difficult problems.

32. What kind of personality do you admire?

Answer hints: people who are honest, flexible and easy to get along with, people who have “practical actions”.

33. How do you usually deal with criticism from others?

Answer hint: 1 Silence is golden, don’t say anything, otherwise the situation will be worse, but I will accept constructive criticism. I will wait for everyone to cool off before we discuss it.

34. How to deal with your failure?

Answer hint: none of us are born perfect. I believe I have a second chance to correct my mistakes.

35. What gives you a sense of achievement?

Answer hint: work hard for your company and try my best to complete a project.

36. What is the most important thing in your life right now?

Answer hint: for me, to be able to find a job in this field is the most important, to be able to work in your company is the most important to me.

37. Why are you willing to work in our company?

Answer tip: you should be extra careful about this question. If you have studied the unit, you can answer some detailed reasons, such as “the company’s own high-tech development environment is very attractive to me.” I was born in the same era as my company, and I hope to enter a company that grows with me. “Your company has been developing steadily and has been very competitive in the market in recent years.” I think your company can provide me with a different path of development. “All this shows that you have done some research, and that you have a more specific vision for your future.

Have you ever had an argument with anyone? How did you solve it?

Answer hint: this is the most sinister question in the interview. in fact, it is a trap laid by the examiner. Don’t talk about anyone’s fault. You should know that successful conflict resolution is a necessary ability for members of a collaborative group. If you work in a service industry, this issue has become the most important link. Whether you can get the job or not will depend on the answer to this question. The examiner would like to see you mature and dedicated. They learn about your maturity and ability to deal with the world through this question. In the absence of outside interference, the correct answer is to solve the problem by compromise.

Question: which thing have you done that you are most proud of?

Answer hint: this is an opportunity given to you by the examiner to show your ability to control your destiny. This will reflect your potential leadership skills and your possibility of being promoted. If you apply for a service organization, you are likely to be invited to lunch. Remember: your future depends on your knowledge, your social skills, and your overall performance.

40. When you come to a new department, a customer comes to you to solve a problem. You try to make him satisfied, but he always fails to satisfy the masses. He complains that your department is inefficient. What do you do at this time?

Answer hint: (1) first of all, I will keep calm. As a staff member, it is normal to encounter all kinds of problems at work, and the key is how to understand it, deal with it actively and deal with it properly. (2) Secondly, I will reflect on the reasons for customer dissatisfaction. One is to see whether they are really ill-considered in solving the problem, the second is to see whether the customer does not know much about the relevant service regulations and put forward requirements that exceed the regulations, and the third is to see whether the customer understands the relevant regulations, but the request is unreasonable. (3) Thirdly, relative countermeasures should be taken according to the reasons. If I am really inconsiderate, make reasonable arrangements in accordance with the service requirements and explain to the client; if the misunderstanding is caused by the customer’s lack of understanding of the policy, I will give him a further explanation to eliminate his misunderstanding; if the client’s request does not comply with the policy, I will clearly point it out to him. (4) Once again, I will explain the handling of the whole matter to the leader, hoping to get his understanding and support. (5) I will not lose my enthusiasm and enthusiasm for work because of customer complaints. I will, as always, keep in mind the purpose of customer service and strive to be an employee with leadership trust, company confidence and customer satisfaction as soon as possible.

41. What foreseeable difficulties do you have for this job?

Answer hints: 1 it is not appropriate to directly say the specific difficulties, otherwise the other party may suspect that the applicant is not good. 2 you can try circuitous tactics to express the candidate’s attitude towards difficulties-it is normal and inevitable for some difficulties to occur at work, but as long as there is perseverance, good cooperative spirit and careful and adequate preparation in advance, any difficulty can be overcome.

Analysis: generally ask this question, the hope of the interviewer is greater, because already talking about the details of the job, but the answer in the conventional way of thinking, and was “cheated” by the interviewer. When the interviewer asks this question, there are two purposes. First, see if the candidate is good at it and whether the difficulties mentioned are generally inevitable in this position. Second, I would like to see if the candidate’s approach to solving the difficulties is correct, and whether the company can provide such resources. I don’t want to know the candidate’s attitude towards difficulties.

42. If I hire you, how will you carry out your work?

Answer hint: 1 if the applicant does not know enough about the position he or she is applying for, it is best not to directly say how to carry out his or her work. 2 you can try to use circuitous tactics to answer, such as “first listen to the instructions and requirements of the leader, then understand and be familiar with the relevant situation, then formulate a short-term work plan and submit it to the leader for approval, and finally carry out the work according to the plan.” .

Analysis: the main purpose of this question is to understand the candidate’s working ability and planning, organization, and focus on the details. If the circuitous tactics mentioned in the train of thought, the interviewer will think that evading the question, if guided several times is still evasive, the person will never be hired.

43. What kind of superiors do you want to work with?

Answer hints: 1 through the candidate’s “hope” to the superior, we can judge the candidate’s awareness of self-requirements, which is not only a trap, but also an opportunity. 2 it is best to avoid specific hopes for superiors and talk more about their own requirements. For example, as a newcomer who has just entered the society, I should ask myself to familiarize myself with and adapt to the environment as soon as possible, instead of making any demands on the environment, as long as I can give full play to my expertise.

Analysis: the better answer to this question is that I hope my superiors can give me more guidance in my work and point out the mistakes in my work immediately. In short, there will be no big mistakes in terms of superior guidance.

44. When completing a job, you think that the way required by the leader is not the best. You have a better way. What should you do?

Answer hint: 1. In principle, I will respect and obey the work arrangement of the leader; at the same time, I will find the opportunity to politely express my ideas in a consulting tone to see if the leader can change his mind. If the leader does not adopt my suggestion, I will also finish the work seriously according to the requirements of the leader. 3. In another case, if the way required by the leader violates the principle, I will firmly put forward my opposition, and if the leader is still stubborn, I will not hesitate to reflect it to the superior leader again.

Disagree with your superiors, what will you do?

Answer hint: 1 generally can answer like this: “I will give the necessary explanation and reminder to the superior, in this case, I will obey the opinion of the superior.” 2 if you are interviewed by a general manager and there is another manager for the position you are applying for, and the manager is not present at that time, you can answer like this: “for unprincipled questions, I will obey the opinions of my superiors. For major issues related to the interests of the company, I hope to reflect it to higher-level leaders.”

Analysis: the standard answer to this question is idea 1. If you answer with 2, you will surely die. If you don’t get a clear understanding of the internal situation of the company, you want to snitch first. No one dares to ask for such a person.

46. You are lack of work experience. How can you be qualified for this job?

General thinking: 1 if the recruiting unit asks this question to the candidate of the fresh graduate, it shows that the recruiting company does not really care about “experience”. The key depends on how the candidate answers. The answer to this question had better reflect the candidate’s sincerity, resourcefulness, boldness and dedication. As a fresh graduate, there is indeed a lack of work experience, so I have been taking advantage of all kinds of opportunities to take a part-time job in this industry during my study. I also found that practical work is much richer and more complex than books. However, I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and I am more diligent, so I can successfully complete all kinds of work in my part-time job, and I have benefited a lot from the experience gained from it. Please rest assured that what you have learned in school and part-time work experience make me qualified for this position. “Comments: the answer to this question is OK, highlighting your ability to endure hardship and adaptability as well as learning ability (not academic achievement).

47. What are the reasons for your departure from the previous company?

Answer hint: 1 the most important thing is: the applicant should make the recruiting unit believe that the “reason for leaving the job” of the applicant in the previous unit does not exist in this recruiting unit. 2 avoid saying “the reason for leaving” in too much detail and too specific. (3) Subjective negative feelings should not be mixed, such as “too hard”, “complex interpersonal relationship”, “management is too chaotic”, “the company does not attach importance to talents”, “the company rejects our employees” and so on. 4 but cannot dodge, avoid, such as “want to change the environment”, “personal reasons” and so on. (5) One should not involve his own negative personality traits, such as dishonesty, laziness, lack of responsibility, uneasy going, etc. Try to add color to the candidate’s personal image by explaining the reasons as much as possible. 7 related examples: “I left my job because the company went bankrupt; I worked in the company for more than three years and had deep feelings; since last year, due to the sudden change in the market situation, the situation of the company has taken a sharp turn for the worse. I feel very sorry for this step, but I have to face the stage to show that I can give full play to my abilities.” There is not only one answer to the same interview question, and the same answer is not valid in any interview situation. The key is for the candidate to grasp the specific situation of the interview after mastering the rules. Consciously figure out the psychological background of the interviewer’s questions, and then do what he likes.

Analysis: unless the salary is too low, or the initial job, do not use salary as an excuse. “Seeking development” has also been heard too much by examiners, and the reasons for leaving should be designed according to everyone’s real reasons for leaving, but you must be sincere in your answer. When I really can’t think of it, it can be said that when I am away from home, I have to ask for leave for a few months, and it is impossible for the company to allow leave, so I resign. This answer is generally acceptable to the interviewer.

You are lack of work experience, how can you be qualified for this job?

Answer hint: 1 if the recruiting unit asks this question to the candidate of the fresh graduate, it shows that the recruiting company does not really care about “experience”. The key depends on how the candidate answers. The answer to this question had better reflect the candidate’s sincerity, resourcefulness, boldness and dedication. As a fresh graduate, there is indeed a lack of work experience, so I have been taking advantage of all kinds of opportunities to take a part-time job in this industry during my study. I also found that practical work is much richer and more complex than books. However, I have a strong sense of responsibility, adaptability and learning ability, and I am more diligent, so I can successfully complete all kinds of work in my part-time job, and I have benefited a lot from the experience gained from it. Please rest assured that what you have learned in school and part-time work experience make me qualified for this position. “

Analysis: the answer to this question is OK. It is better to highlight your ability to bear hardships and adaptability as well as learning ability (not academic achievement).

49. In order to do a good job outside your job, how can you get the support and help of others?

Answer hint: every company is in the process of changing and developing, and you certainly want your employees to do the same. You want people who want and welcome change, because they understand that change is an important part of the company’s daily life for the sake of the company’s development. Such employees often easily adapt to the changes of the company and respond positively to the changes.

If you are not hired in this interview, what are you going to do?

Answer hint: the present society is a competitive society, which can be seen from this interview. If there is competition, there must be pros and cons, and if there is success, there will be failure. There are often many difficulties and setbacks behind success, if this failure is only once, only through the accumulation of experience can we create a complete winner. I will treat this failure correctly from the following aspects: 1 dare to face it, do not be discouraged in the face of this failure, accept the fact that you will not look back if you have lost this opportunity, and show your resistance to this failure psychologically and spiritually. Be confident and believe that you will be able to surpass yourself through hard work after this experience. 2 good at reflection, for this interview experience should be carefully summarized, thinking and analysis, be able to find the gap from their own point of view. Treat yourself correctly, evaluate yourself realistically, look at your gains and losses dialectically, and be a wise man. (3) To get out of the shadow, we should overcome the psychological pressure brought by this failure, always keep in mind our weaknesses, take precautions, strengthen our study, and improve our own quality. (4) Work conscientiously, and after returning to the post of the original unit, we should work in a down-to-earth manner, and strive to make certain achievements in this position by winning the top prize in 36 lines and lines. To keep up my efforts, it has always been my dream to become a national civil servant. If I have a chance in the future, I will still compete again.

51. If you are going to take a classmate who goes abroad to the airport in the evening, but you have to do something at work temporarily, what will you do?

Answer hint: I think work is the first priority, but the friendship between friends cannot be neglected. I think this question should be decided according to the specific situation at that time.

It would be ideal if my friend left the plane at 9 o’clock in the evening and my overtime work could be finished at 8 o’clock. Everyone would be happy to go to the airport after work. 2 if the work is not very urgent and the overtime is just to hand in the report to the office tomorrow, you can say hello to the leader, go to the airport first and then come back to work overtime, and stay up late. 3 if the work is very urgent and it is impossible to strike a balance between the two, I think there are two choices. (1) If not all units work overtime, is it possible to ask other colleagues to take the place of the following jobs and go to the airport by themselves, even if it is to take the place of your departure for a while? (2) If you can’t even do this, then you can’t have both loyalty and righteousness. Call a friend to explain, and I’m sure he’ll understand. After all, the work is done, and friends can still meet again.

52. Tell me about the success stories you have done in the past.

Answer hint: give an example that you are most sure of, and tell the whole story clearly, instead of saying a lot and missing the point. Do not exaggerate and say that other people’s work is your own. In order to ensure that the person you want to use is the most suitable, many supervisors will call your former supervisor for their opinions and opinions on you, so it is easy to wear bang if you lie.

53. Tell me about the things that frustrated you most in your past work experience.

Answer hint: I have come into contact with a customer, and I have heard that they are famous for being picky, so they have done a lot of preparation in advance and invested a lot of time and energy. In the end, although the customer did not accept it all, but the degree of acceptance has been beyond our expectations. I thought I could cooperate happily from now on, but I learned that the customer finally chose another agent because of the budget, and the previous efforts were in vain. In spite of this, I still learned a lot from this experience, such as the understanding of the industry, the tacit understanding of the whole team is also better.

Analysis: take this opportunity to understand your tolerance for setbacks and your way of mediation.

54. How do you arrange your time? Will overtime be excluded?

Answer hint: basically, if the work is efficient and the workload is reasonable, you should not need to work overtime. But I also know that sometimes it is difficult to avoid overtime, and now the work adopts the responsibility system, so I will allocate my time and cooperate fully.

Analysis: although no one will work overtime willingly, they still have to show the sincerity of high matching degree.

Why do we choose you among so many interviewees?

Answer hint: according to my knowledge of your company and my accumulated expertise, experience and contacts in this job, I believe it is the talent you are looking for. On the other hand, I also have a round and mature side in my work attitude and EQ, and I can cooperate happily with my supervisor and colleagues.

Analysis: don’t boast too much about your ability, or casually write checks, such as how much money it will bring to the company, etc., it is easy to give people a feeling of boasting and impractical.

56. What are the expectations of this position?

Answer hint: I hope to give full play to what I have learned and expertise, but also absorb your company’s experience in this area, as far as the company and I are concerned, to create a “win-win” situation.

Analysis: before you answer, you might as well ask the company about the responsibility and ownership of this position, because the situation of each company is different, so as not to talk about a lot of ideals and ambitions but find that they are not right.

57. Why did you choose this position?

Answer hint: this has always been my interest and expertise, after these years of training, but also accumulated a certain amount of experience and contacts, I believe I will be qualified for this position.

Analysis: cite past “great achievements” at the right time to show how familiar you are with the position, but avoid exaggerating or showing off.

Why choose our company?

Answer hint: I have read about your company in newspapers and magazines, and I am ambitious with the ideas I pursue. And your company’s achievements in the industry are obvious to all, and there is also a system for employees’ education, training, and promotion and so on.

Analysis: do your homework before you go to the interview and get to know the background of the company to make the other person think that you really want the job, rather than just exploring the way.

Do you think you are a good student at school?

Answer hint: corporate recruiters are very shrewd, asking this question can test out a lot of questions: if job seekers do well in their studies, they will say, “Yes, my grades are very good, and all my grades are excellent.” Of course, there are many criteria for judging whether a student is a good student. During the school period, I think grades are important, and other aspects, including morality, practical experience, team spirit and communication skills, are also very important. I have also done a good job in these areas. I should say that I am a student with all-round development. “If the job seeker’s performance is not satisfactory, he will say: “I think the criteria for being a good student are diversified. My academic performance is OK, and my performance in other aspects is also very outstanding. For example, I have been to many places for internship. I like to work under fast pace and pressure. I have organized × × activities in the student union, which has exercised my team spirit and organizational ability.” Experienced recruiters will understand that companies like honest job seekers.

60. Talk about how to adapt to the new environment of office work?

Answer Tip 1 everyone in the office has his or her own post and responsibility, and is not allowed to leave his post. 2 according to the instructions and work arrangements of the leader, make a work plan, prepare in advance, and complete it according to the plan. (3) Ask for instructions and report in time, and ask for advice modestly if you encounter something you don’t understand. (4) Grasp the gap time, study more, and strive to improve their political quality and professional level.

61. What have you learned at work?

Answer hint: this is the question raised by the transferred job. It is suggested that you can answer it according to the characteristics of the interview job at this time. If you need to communicate with others in your business work, you can cite examples of communication between your previous work and people, what difficulties you have experienced, what experience you have learned, and how to grasp these key points to make a statement. It will be easy to pass.

Have you ever thought about starting a business?

Answer hint: this question can show your momentum, but if your answer is “yes”, be careful, the next question may be: so why don’t you do it?

Apart from our company, what other companies have you applied for?

Answer tip: strangely, this is a question that many companies will ask, and its intention is to have a general idea of the candidate’s job ambition, so this is not an absolutely negative answer. Even if it is inconvenient to name the company, you should also answer “the company that sells the same product”. If other companies are in different industries, it is easy to feel that they cannot be trusted.

64. When can I get to work?

Answer hint: most enterprises will care about the working time, and it is best to answer, “if you are hired, you can go to work according to the regulations of the company.” but if you have not resigned from your last job and the working time is too close, it seems that it will be difficult for people to do so. Because the handover takes at least a month, the reason should be further explained, and the admission company should be accommodated.

65. What do you think of education and ability?

Answer hint: education I think as long as it is a college degree, it shows that I have the basic learning ability. The rest, whether you are a bachelor’s degree or a doctor, the discussion on this point is not based on how much knowledge you have learned, but on what you have played in this field, that is, the so-called ability. The level of a person’s working ability directly determines his career fate, and the level of education is only a stepping stone to enter an enterprise. If your company cards your education on a doctor’s degree, I will not be able to enter your company. Of course, this is not necessarily just my personal loss. If a junior college student can complete the work, why do you have to recruit a doctoral student?

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