15 super-practical job-hunting skills in job-hunting strategies.

Nowadays, both job seekers and recruitment companies are facing fierce competition, and both sides want to be more secure in terms of quality.

So job seekers are using a variety of ways to stand out and get an interview, so the first thing to do is to make sure that more companies can find you, and then how to get HR to pay attention to you more quickly is the beginning of success.

Practical job search strategy.

Job search strategy 1: self-awareness.

Before looking for a job, you should first understand yourself, your abilities, interests, potential, pursuits and values, etc., carefully analyze yourself in order to make a better career plan for yourself, and better balance the relationship between survival and the realization of life values. This is the basis of your career and the beginning of a turning point in your life, and it will make you take fewer detours after entering the workplace.

Job search strategy 2: tailor your resume.

Take enough time to write a well-designed resume that highlights your skills according to the position you want to apply for; make sure HR learns about you and your skills more quickly. Key point: you must be job-specific and express your prominence in this area at the same time; avoid being confused, formatted and unfocused.

Job search strategy 3: accurate job search goals.

Make sure you are clear about the job you are looking for or your goal of changing your job, whether you want a higher salary, a more comfortable environment, or the continuation of your dream, so that you can more accurately locate the job or company you want to join.

Job search strategy 4: how to stand out.

There are many competitors for a job, especially some jobs with good pay and good development prospects, so it is even more important to show your unique advantages.

Package resume:

1. Targeted highlight 2-3 unique skills, honorary titles and potential space (such as: strong memory, first prize in the National Mathematical Olympiad Competition, the tallest and still growing in the province …… Of course, the skills must match the characteristics of the employing position, if it is not really that editor can not help you).

2. For enterprises, it is not necessarily to find the smartest person with the best results, but the first choice is the most suitable, so the content you display needs to express why you are a more suitable candidate for their job opening. for example, the company is interested in stability, want to recruit close to the company, do not want to be beautiful women (of course, a lot of you need to collect all kinds of information to figure it out. In particular, some suspected discriminations are real conditions that actually exist for some reasons.

3. At the same time, a reasonable salary range is also something you should prepare in advance, correctly evaluate yourself, and find out the current general salary level of the company. You can view the salary situation of all positions in the company through the details page of our (51 job) job posting platform.

Job search strategy 5: take the initiative.

HR and interviewers are generally very busy, appropriate proactive counseling may give you some opportunities and improve the success rate, but also to brush the existence and show that you attach importance to the job. The attitude should be humble, neither humble nor arrogant. Of course, it depends on the timing, the signs and the people. Mealtime, meeting time and so on are not the right time. Of course, don’t be discouraged if you get bad news, at least you save your waiting time.

Job search strategy 6: narrow the search criteria.

In the Internet era, the traditional way of recruitment has changed a long time ago, and many job opportunities are through the online recruitment platform. Then narrowing down the search criteria will not only save you time, but also match the relevant work more accurately and faster. For example, map search function, check nearby jobs, desired salary range, industry, etc., explore and make use of the screening function of each recruitment platform.

Job search strategy 7: consider providing information for a reliable recruitment platform.

In the Internet age, many people are more conservative and will worry about network security. Therefore, we must choose a reliable recruitment platform to fill in and save our resumes. We can pay attention to the following points:

1. At least leave your contact information, phone number, email, etc., don’t think that an enterprise is interested in you but can’t find you.

2. When you are looking for a job, revise your current resume pertinently, and don’t just submit it with a resume that will remain unchanged for ten thousand years, unless you have enough confidence in your current resume to make it perfect.

3. Refresh your resume frequently, even without revision, so that more companies will browse your resume.

In fact, the principle is very simple. The recruitment platform is a two-way service and an intermediary between employers and job seekers. It will not only provide you with free job search information, but also provide opportunities for enterprises to see better resumes. So you revise your resume and refresh your resume will make your resume higher ranking, will also get more opportunities.

Job search strategy 8: participate in various recruitment activities.

Although this approach is more traditional, but some large enterprises or vertical recruitment activities are worth participating in, if you are a student, then campus recruitment activities should not be missed.

Job search strategy 9: use your mobile phone to find a job.

Times are changing, now mobile phone job search has been very convenient, many recruitment platforms will have their own mobile client, convenient and convenient, and even some functions are more convenient than PC. So don’t limit your phone to playing games and browsing social networking sites. Nowadays, mobile phones are also an ideal way to find a job.

Job search strategy 10: your personal social media.

If you are an expressive, sociable and self-revealing person, then some social platforms are also a good window for you to build your own brand. For example, personal websites, personal blogs, personal official accounts, etc.; here you can promote yourself, market yourself, release your works and success stories, and let your excellent qualities be seen by friends and more people. Then the use of contacts and recommendations may achieve a lot of unexpected gains.

Job search strategy 11: temporary and part-time jobs.

In fact, many people are in a hurry to find a job because of the pressure of life, the pressure of renting, and other problems, and the job that is easy to find is not ideal. In the long run, the loss outweighs the gain. The biggest fear is that the accumulated work experience may not be the direction of future development, life is too short, and there is no possibility of going back. Many people realize after a few years that they wasted their youth at that time, but they cannot go back.

Then it is suggested that you can consider short-term jobs and some part-time jobs, and do not easily decide to work in an unsatisfactory company or position, which not only solves the problem of stress in life, but also gives yourself enough time to think. You may even encounter temporary workers hired by some well-known companies because of insufficient recruitment quotas, or you may have a chance to become a regular worker while you are doing it.

Job search strategy 12: know the company information in advance.

If you are invited for an interview, remember to learn about the company in advance; first, check the company’s cultural background and reputation, and make a comprehensive assessment of whether it is your target company, whether the transportation is convenient, etc.; at the same time, it may also give you extra points on some interview questions.

Job search strategy 13: enough patience and positive energy.

It is not easy to find a suitable job, you may encounter all kinds of problems and difficulties, and it is necessary to run into a brick wall, which will make you feel very frustrated. But remember, everyone has been through this stage. Looking for a job is a two-way choice process, the other party can choose you, you can also choose him, and it is always right to strengthen your ability. As the saying goes, there is no place for you to stay here. So, while you are looking for a suitable job for yourself, persevere and maintain a positive attitude. A good start in your career is related to a new life in the future.

Sooner or later, you will find the perfect job!

Job search strategy 14: Set goals and stay motivated

Looking for a job is a process, and once the cycle is prolonged, it is bound to produce slack.So be sure to balance your work and your rest, set a plan, such as to send how much resumes every day, to visit how many companies every week, in order to maintain a benign circulation.Do not just wait and do not blindly attack, don’t think about “why there is no news”, just need to know that the better chance is there in future until you get success.

Job Guide 15: What are our main concerns?

Jobs +Recruitment Company +The contact+ Job responsibilities and requirements

What key words in the recruiting information you can use in your resume

What qualifications are required?

Last but not least, salary

In a word:

The job search process was not easy. It requires constant attention, patience and a good mindset. Keep up with the times, make efforts to prepare and work hard.No pains, no gains. Chances always favor those who are prepared, accordingly, you will soon succeed in finding the most suitable job for yourself.

Good Luck!


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