Who are we?

Recruiting Head is the leading international professional recruitment corporation to assist job seekers to locate a reasonable offer or employers to hire the talents they need.  We also understand the importance of staff retention and suitability of employment in terms of productivity, value, motivation, and contribution.

Recruiting Head is the leading integrated human resources service provider. With a comprehensive suite of human resources solutions, Recruiting Head can meet the needs of businesses and job seekers throughout the talent management cycle, from initial recruitment to employee retention and career development. The company's main online recruitment platforms and mobile apps provide jobs for millions of people every day. Recruiting Head also provides many other value-added HR services, including business process outsourcing, training, professional evaluation, campus recruitment, executive search & compensation analysis. Recruiting Head has sales and service outlets in major cities across BC and the country.

How do we do?

Recruiting Head cooperate with domestic and international agencies and businesses to establish a recruiting network worldwide to discover more talents and opportunities, assist candidates and employers on time. The satisfaction of clients is the key to our success.

At present, Recruiting Head has 8 mil workplace users & the cumulative number of cooperative enterprises has reached 1.56 million.

In July 2018, Recruiting Head released the enterprise intelligence plan. Rely on the strong data strength, subvert traditional recruitment model, build an open post ecosystem, and reshape the recruitment service standards in the human resources market.

At the same time, Recruiting Head has invested in various strategic partners, constantly expanding the ecological boundary. With big data and AI technology to create an open human capital ecology, so that talents and opportunities to establish a more accurate and efficient connection, for the ecological partners to create more value.

What we focus on? 

With a local talent network established, on the basis of a blue-and-white-collar recruitment platform, our network focuses on the advantages of elite blue-and-white-collar recruitment, breaking through and covering the whole industry chain of recruitment.

Recruiting Headcovers tens of millions of job seekers across the country, aiming at users' recruitment needs in different industries, recruitment scale, talent structure, and other aspects, providing a complete product service chain.  As a recruitment platform for elites, Recruiting Head has a precise matching positioning, by focusing on the scientific construction of a real elite talent resume database, with intelligent personnel matching at all stages of talent growth, to provide employers with efficient localized manpower services.

We have also been dedicated to community development, charity activities, and are involved in various social development to share our vision and value in human resources.

The focus of Recruiting Head is to spare no effort in HR services continuously and industriously.

Who we work with?

As a recruitment company focusing on the recruitment of elite blue-and-white-collar workers, Recruiting Head provides a three-dimensional service model based on a deep understanding of the elite and background data models to provide a personalized recruitment process for different professionals; different business talents in the same major provide different levels of products and services, including standardized and personalized RPO services; and unified experience levels of people to provide multi-dimensional products to help their growth.

If you are an experienced HR recruiter or a well-resourced agency, please do not hesitate to join us. We are always open-minded and looking for partnership and commitment to help with personal or business development.

What do we believe?

Confidence, Excellence, Versatility, and Charity

These are the core value of Recruiting Head to maintain the quality of work we strive for.

We believe that through the industry-leading talent reserve, job search flow,

search matching technology and online service experience, Recruiting Head can provide employers with competitive recruitment results and accurate matching of suitable candidates.

Where we cover?

The vast resume-library of Recruiting Head network has covered tens of millions of job seekers in 48 cities, 60 industries, and 259 career segments in nearly 40 categories, and is increasing at the rate of tens of thousands of resumes every day. 80% of job seekers with college degrees or above.

Canadian and foreign companies can post jobs to the world through the account of Recruiting Head and access more than 12 million of the global talent pool. Today, most of the world's top 1000 companies have used or are using the professional products and solutions of the Recruiting Head network.