The current situation of foreign students looking for a job in Canada

Is it difficult for foreign students to find a job in Canada? When it comes to this question, most people’s first reaction is: very hard! 

Today, the editor of this article wants to talk to you about the problem of Canadian students looking for a job. Today, we will not complain or pour out grievances, let’s talk about something real, hoping to provide you with a new perspective on your work. 

The common phenomenon of work in Canada: 

For foreign students, most of their expression skills are not as good as those of locals, so they can only rely on internship experience or diploma. 

But after graduation, I really found that I wasted too much time improving GPA or graduating early during college. What is really important is to find different internships and gain experience. Facts have proved that unless you want to go to graduate school or apply for a management program, GPA is not very helpful in other cases.

A.  Personal Quality

The reason why it depends on personal quality is not because foreign students are born with no advantages. Instead, foreign students not only have advantages, but also have great advantages! International students can speak at least two languages, and 90% of locals in North America speak only one language, which is already on the starting line.

In the last year, the major choices of international students are: engineering and business. These two majors are the most popular and earn the most, and it should be much easier for them to find a job than a Canadian taking English, literature and philosophy in university, which is 99% unemployed or completely incompatible with the major.

But the truth is, it’s not easy for everyone to say. There are mainly the following reasons for these types of people:

(1) the expectation is too high.

This kind of person has already had several brilliant strokes in the past experience with higher GPA, but the overseas experience is not so recognized. This kind of people think highly of themselves and don’t want to work for so-called small, unknown companies. They just want to work for big companies. So, it leads to the state that I can’t find a job all the time.

(2) work and major mismatches

Such people are not demanding, but they just want to find a job (it may be convenient to emigrate, or they may have personal hobbies). For these people, they keep applying for new jobs until they find a position they like.

(3) poor presentation skill in English

Presentation skill and English proficiency are the options that directly determine the consequences of your interview. Some jobs may not use too much presentation such as engineering, computer, etc., which focus on your hardware skills. Presentation skill mainly refers to the ability to communicate with people and the ability to make speeches. Because the company needs to make sure that you can communicate properly with other people, or at least friends.

B. Internship Experience

It is worth mentioning that the importance of major is more important than school ranking. For example, your major is in a low-ranking school, but you have an internship, and your chances of finding a job are much higher than those of a high-ranking school.

Because if you want to find a job locally, it’s a lot of money to graduate from the same school as you. So, after the hard work, the company will care more about your experience.

Hence, it is suggested that there is no need to rush back for travelling or to take summer classes during the summer vacation, because internship is really more important! I know a lot of people who have done internships before, many of them have got return offer, and their salaries have increased to a certain extent, so they make a steady income.

The best plan is to make a more detailed arrangement for your career and know what you want before the beginning of your freshman year.

~Don’t always position yourself as a “foreign student”.

Many times, you will hear people around you say, “VCs, large advertising agencies and other big local companies will not want foreign students at all” and “1 million people have tried and failed, and you can’t do it. Don’t waste your time.”

But I have never been affected by these words, because even if 1 million people fail, it does not mean that I will also fail. So, I will try my best to try and fight for it. It’s not shameful to be rejected, but the bad thing is to reject and give up without even trying.

To believe that you deserve a good job opportunity, have the courage to apply, but you must use your head to think and study the strategy!

In my life of studying abroad and in my job application, I have never defined myself as a foreign student, and I never thought that I would not be able to find a job, because my belief has always been that as long as you have ideas, abilities, and strong communication skills, no matter what your identity is, it is inevitable to find a job, and talents will always be retained. A positive and self-encouraging attitude is essential.

So don’t always define yourself as a foreign student, we are no less than the locals, so we have the courage to apply and fight for it, be yourself! You deserve it! Keep trying!

C No Chance? Just Create One! 

I mentioned above many times to apply online, in addition to the long process of waiting to be contacted, there are also many times when resume may be automatically filtered out by the software and not sent to HR, because there may be thousands of resumes being submitted, or there are no vacancies for the position you want to apply for, or even though there are recruitment online. 

But in fact, the company is just going through a process, and they end up giving the opportunity to internal hiring, so if you don’t have the opportunity, please don’t sit back and wait, create the opportunity yourself. 

What should be done? Instead of going to Networking, I think the word “Reach out” is more appropriate. Golden Strategy: Reach out to the person that you think you can learn from in the area that you’re interested in applying, or gaining knowledge. 

The explanation means to take the initiative to contact your key person, invite a conference call or a 15-minute Coffee Chat, not to ask for work, but to ask for advice and listen to his or her advice, work history or industry knowledge.

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