After you leave your job, you will definitely regret doing these things

After you leave your job, you will definitely regret doing these things.

Leaving your job is a common thing for people in the workplace. Many people think that leaving is very simple, it is nothing more than procedural matters such as going through the formalities of leaving. In fact, this is not the case. if you leave your job badly, if you leave, you will offend your old employer and attract people to talk about it. If you leave your job, it will affect the future and damage your interests. People in the workplace, such as treading on thin ice, slightly careless, when leaving the following minefields, you will definitely regret it!

Just because I said bad things about the leader when I left, I suffered a lot!

Netizen “want to have cold beer” complained: “when I left, I was too impulsive and emotional. I felt that the leader was targeting me everywhere. Before I left, I complained about the leader with many colleagues.” Who knows that there is no impenetrable wall in the world, this matter not only spread to the ears of the leaders, but also buried the thunder for the next job search. Originally engaged in the industry circle is also small, HR people can ask a little about your general situation, how is the business? What’s your character like? As soon as I heard that I had such a ‘brilliant’ moment when I left, it is estimated that everyone will avoid it. Now that I think about it, I still have such a low EQ in the workplace that I am going to leave my job, so why bother? “

Analysis: when I was in office, I had too many worries for various reasons, and I didn’t want to “tear my face” with my leader or colleagues. Don’t think that if you leave your job, you can vent your discontent unscrupulously, or even deliberately do all kinds of sabotage. These “superior” behaviors are exposing your low EQ in the workplace. Even if the reason for your departure is due to the suppression of the leader or the exclusion of colleagues, after venting, leaders and colleagues will not suffer any damage to their interests as a result of your venting, and do not expect them to find their conscience and reproach themselves. In the end, you will suffer heavy losses in this matter, and what is more serious is that it may further affect your future.

Leave the post and fill in the contact person carefully!

Netizen “discerning people” complained: “I left my job for a month. After a series of interviews, I successfully found my next job. All aspects of the salary were settled. The other person said that he could send me an offer after a process was completed.” I thought that anyway, this tone is just a process, leaving the contact information of a colleague who usually has a good relationship. I didn’t expect to end up on this back tune. I regret it now. I really have to be careful when choosing a back tone contact. “

We must not think that the background check is just a formality, even if the other party verbally said to hire you, but before getting a formal offer, you can not be taken lightly. According to the

results of the “background check” report conducted by 51 job Human Resources Research Center, 39.8% of enterprises will conduct background checks on employees in key positions or above. It is difficult to escape if you want to apply for a core important position.

If the resume is not watermarked, the job content and experience are true, the reason for leaving the job is consistent with what was said during the interview, and if the interpersonal relationship is not tense, generally speaking, there will be no problem with cheating. But now many people beautify their resumes when looking for a job, such as a project that multiple people are responsible for, and you are only responsible for participating, but writing it as your lead. If there is such a situation, then you must be careful when choosing a different contact. You may think that the relationship with the other person is good, but they may not think so.

If you leave your job, you will suffer a great loss if you fail to keep the labor contract of your last home.

Netizen “Ghost silly” complained: “in the past, I didn’t pay much attention to the labor contract, and I didn’t know where to throw it after signing it, let alone after leaving my job.” As a result, there was a big problem when I went back to my hometown to take an examination of public institutions. Finally passed the written examination, the interview, the result stuck in the entry materials-the unit asked to hand in the previous labor contract, but I can not find ah! Looking for the former employer, the other party refused to issue it again. In the end, we can only save a few years of service to solve the problem, and we have a big loss! “

I advise you not to underestimate the labor contract. First of all, when signing, you need to pay attention to two points that are easy to ignore:

1. When was the labor contract signed and whether it was within one month after joining the job?

2. After signing, whether I got an original labor contract.

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