The ways and skills of finding a job in Canada

The ways and skills of finding a job in Canada are all here. It’s up to you whether you find it or not.

It is difficult to find a job in Canada, it is even more difficult to find a good job, and how to find a job has also become a common discussion. In fact, Canada is an open society. Different channels such as the Internet, job fairs, recruitment information on newspapers and television, headhunters’ recommendations or acquaintances’ recommendations can find the job you want.

1. Internet.

This method is widely used because it is simple, but it is not a very effective method, because the circulation of the newspaper is very large, and hundreds of people will compete for a position, so it is difficult and the success rate is low. Statistics show that 80% of job opportunities are not advertised in newspapers, but they have no choice but to try to find jobs in newspapers if there is no other way.

2. Employment agency.

The employment agency is a domestic term, because new immigrants do not have Canadian work experience, do not understand the Canadian job market and, more importantly, are not familiar with the recruitment procedures and special culture of Canadian companies. Therefore, focus on getting a job in Canada through an employment agency.

There are two kinds of employment agencies, one is official and the other is private. Private agencies generally have areas in which they are good at. They usually charge referral fees from employers, and some charge job seekers individually. Their advantage is that he first tailors your clothes and finds a more suitable employer, and there are often few people competing, only a few people compete. Private employment agencies will also make appropriate packaging for you to improve your success rate. However, employment agencies do not have many job opportunities and usually look for jobs for IT people.

The official employment agency is sponsored by the Government of Canada and serves free of charge. In addition to many job advertisements, there are also special people to guide you on how to write your resume, analyze your employment options, provide interview counseling, and so on. The official employment agency also has a nationwide network of “job-hunting banks”, which provides recruitment information from all over the country. Although not many people find a job directly in this way, a lot of information can be obtained.

3 Self-promotion.

Self-promotion is a very challenging method, which is suitable for people who are confident and good at words. There is a saying in Canada that Cold Call,Cold Call is to call some companies directly to promote themselves and ask them if they need employees, of course, they can also come to the door. This method is difficult to some extent, but there will be some gains.

To promote yourself, you must first prepare a high-level resume, then go to the library or job center to find relevant professional books and periodicals and books dedicated to this kind of information, and find out the addresses, telephone numbers and other information of all companies that may have the opportunity. Sift through, and then contact.

4 Friend recommendation.

The company recruits new employees, of course, the company insiders know first, if there are internal friends will naturally be very advantageous. And when Canadian companies have job openings, they often want to be recommended by their employees. If you get this job message and have a recommendation from a friend, the success rate will be much higher, because there are few competitors and a layer of recommendation, which will ease employers’ worries about what they don’t know.

Through the recommendation of friends is the most effective way to find a job, so new immigrants must find ways to make more friends and let their friends know that you are looking for a job, so that they can get up-to-date information, channels and opportunities than others.

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